Why we do it.

"A meal should be a collective celebration of that which is found in nature, lovingly prepared and respectfully shared."

That pretty much sums up what we believe at St. Martha’s Brasserie. The art of enjoying food can be that simple. Our goal is to provide you with a dining experience that not only nourishes the body but feeds the soul – conjuring up emotions of home cooking, comfort food and a sense of belonging to family, friends and community.


The French are knowledgeable and passionate eaters. So are we.

'Rustic refinement' best describes the food we serve and how we serve it. By evoking the regional French approach to cooking, our menu is rooted in the past but uses state of the art equipment and cooking techniques. We have re-invented classic French brasserie fare within an Ontarian context, with a little latitude for our land-locked position!

Our open kitchen concept allows you to experience this with your own eyes and heart. In fact, our Chef’s Table seating is designed expressly to provide you with an up close and personal educational dining experience. "

"Reminiscent of the past in our reverence for food we are forging the future in terms of good food, service, hospitality and kitchen design."


Our secret is in the recipe...

Saint Martha’s Ingredient List

Wholesome fresh comfort food, prepared daily.

Food should feed the soul. That is why you will find items such as hearty soups and stews, fresh ingredients for our pizzas cooked in the stone hearth oven, and flavors and seasoning that remind you of France.

Community based philosophy.

Reflecting our respect and support for farmers, growers, and producers of food and beverage in our region - the closer to home something comes from, the better it is. Supporting our local economy and strengthening relationships with respect for our local heritage is one of our key values.

Hospitality is our cornerstone.

In the spirit of Saint Martha, patron saint of cooks, dietitians, housekeepers, housewives, hostesses, innkeepers, and travelers, we welcome you with kindness and open hearts.

Modestly priced menu.

Good food is not just for the wealthy. Our focus is on good quality and portion sizes that reflect real value.

Creative and innovative - in every way.

Raising the bar in the fine art of food enjoyment, we have innovated how your food is cooked using ‘best in class’ equipment not found anywhere else in the area!


GATHER together a group of people who love food and have a vision for the place that good food holds in our lives. BLEND this vision together with a desire to serve our community and better our world by embodying the 'begin at home' philosophy of sustaining our environment and protecting our future by eating local food. COOK lovingly with passion. SERVE with a friendly smile in an informal and beautiful setting.



What is a Brasserie?

Historically, a brasserie was an establishment which brewed beer. Given the nature of this product, it quickly became a gathering place and where humans collect to share a glass of beer, it was only a matter of time before food was also offered. Over the centuries brasseries took on many forms but the basic concept remained the same – Good food, good community and an informal ambiance in which to share a meal, celebrate life’s signature moments or just to enjoy a sense of community over a glass of beer or wine.

France is where the traditional brasserie has flourished and today one can find this style of restaurant on almost every street corner, (though the brasseries on the Champs d’Elysses are a little more upscale! Fouquets is now a National Monument and boasts a “priceless” menu to boot!). While the look may change from place to place, one will always find a menu rooted in simple, well prepared comfort foods at affordable price points featuring the same menu for both lunch and dinner.

At St. Martha’s we have adopted this approach to our brasserie and we are proud to offer you such classic dishes as Cassoulet, Steak Frites, Gigot d’agneau, and poached salmon with a beau béarnaise sauce. In addition to this classic fare, we are also including thin crust pizza and a killer burger and frites. Our wine list is small but competent and showcases Ontario’s regional wines. And we are proud to provide you with a selection of locally brewed beer from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Good food.   Served well.